Fully Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Blue Line Machinery, An ISO 9001 : 2008 accredited organization with huge experience of the business, we can offer our customers prevalent quality Fully Automatic Office Envelope Making Machines and Carton Window Pasting Machines, Envelope Gumming Machines, Envelope Folding Machines, Perforating Machines, Envelope Making Machine.

We offer completely programmed envelope making machines. We offer these in changed outlines and shapes and have some expertise in altering them according to the determinations given by our customers. These machines are in consistence with the set standards of the business and are in this way, broadly demanded by our customers from the paper business.

Specifications of Blue Line Paper Folding Machine

Paper Size 70 x 100 MM
Paper Size Max. 300 x 450 MM
Folding Size Min. In 1 st Tray 25 MM
Folding Size Min. In Last Tray 18 MM
Min. No of Folds 1 (one)
Max. No of Folds 4 (four)
No of Folds 4 (four parallel)
Machine Size L 750 x W 620 x H 1200 MM
Paper Feed Friction Feed
Power Single Phase AC 0.5 HP , 230 V
Speed Variable Frequency Drive